Making the most of a Bridal Show

We are getting so excited for the Rustic Bride NW wedding show next weekend, April 29! We'll be showcasing our vintage rental inventory along with many other amazing vendors. Are you planning on coming by to see us, or attending other bridal shows this spring? We've put together a few tips for how to maximize your experience. 

Tips for a successful bridal show

So you’re headed to a bridal show… now what? Bridal shows are great fun, and can be super helpful, but also a little overwhelming. How do you make sure you’re making the most of your time? We’ve got a few tips for you, and can’t wait to see you at one of the local shows coming up!

1.      Make a list of your and your partner’s priorities. Are you both super into food, and want to make sure you have a fabulous caterer? Do you not care so much about the food, but want to make sure your photos are from a top-notch, in demand photographer? Or are you really into the visual aspects of your day and want to ensure that the aspects of your décor are replicated directly from your Pinterest page? (HINT HINT, this is where we come in). Figure out which types of vendors are highest on your priority list, and you’ll know where to start when you get to the show.

2.      Do your homework. Check the information about the show to familiarize yourself with the vendors who will be at the show, so that you know who you might be interested in speaking with. Keep your options open for anything that catches your eye at the show of course, but knowing who will be there can help you plan your roadmap for the day.

3.      Look for vendors who reflect your style. There are SO MANY wedding vendors out there, there is someone that is the right fit for everyone. It can make for such a pleasant wedding day experience to work with vendors who’s style and values reflect your own.

4.      And a tried and true logistical tip – if you’re going to a large show and you’re going to be asking for information from many vendors, bring preprinted labels with your name and contact info. You’ll be amazed at how many times you will end up writing your info down on contact lists for vendors to follow up with you. Save yourself some arm cramps and pen ink!

Last but not least – HAVE FUN! Bridal shows are such a fun way to get into the wedding planning spirit, and can present you with ideas that you would never have thought of. Enjoy yourself!

Still need tickets for Rustic Bride NW? Get more info and buy tickets here!  Can't wait to see you there! 

Part of the setup for the Rustic Bride NW 2017 event

Part of the setup for the Rustic Bride NW 2017 event